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Delia Picone
Chief Executive Officer

Delia is the CEO of iSweetch and the main holder of the company. In addition to his main responsibilities in running the company, she is professor of Chemistry and Structural Biology at University of Naples Federico II, where she combines her research activity in biochemistry and structural biology as group leader and teaching.



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Carmine Ercole
Chief Technical Officer

Carmine has a PhD in biochemistry with a focus on protein production techniques. He is directing and advertising iSweetch laboratories as Chief Technical Officer with a major focus on technical aspects of protein production.



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Serena Leone
Research & Development

After her PhD in Chemical Sciences in Naples, Serena spent several years abroad at prestigious research centers (Harvard University, Boston College), where she developed her knowledge on structural and cellular biology. She is now working in the iSweetch laboratory on the characterisation and production of sweet proteins.




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Andrea Pica
Research & Development

Andrea got his PhD in Chemical Sciences in 2014 at University of Naples Federico. He works in the iSweetch lab as a researcher mainly on structural aspects of sweet proteins, trying to improve the current technologies behind iSweetch products.



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Lorenzo Trinchera
Legal Affairs

Lorenzo handles all legal aspects related to iSweetch business. He got his Bachelor’s Degree in Law in 2007 at University of Naples Federico II and in 2009 a Master in Corporate Law. He is now practicing as a lawyer, collaborating with very important firms in the fields of Tax, Corporate, and Commercial Law.



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Flavia Di Marco
Project Manager

Flavia got a master degree in Economics in 2009 at University of Naples Federico II and graduated in June 2014 at the Italian Trade Agency (ICE). Before starting the company in 2015, she worked at the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and at the European Commission in Brussels as well as project manager and coordinator for development projects in Cambodia with the United Nations.